Manitou Island

Here’s a little video I made from camping on North Manitou Island with my papa.
So much of that island gave me major déjà vu to being a child on this peaceful island. While editing the video I couldn’t get over how beautiful this little hidden treasure is. The sound of the waves on the Northern Coast, the sunsets in the West, the fearless wildlife, the way oatmeal tastes gourmet in the morning.
Also it’s a very special song for us Shantzs, so it felt appropriate.

I love it a lot.
So here you go.


4 responses to “Manitou Island

  1. Jess, you captured the beauty and simplicity of the island. A flood of memories came to me when I watched your clip. We are sooooo very grateful for every one of those camping trips on the Manitous. The Bryan Duncan song is a blast from the past.


  2. Love your Manitou Island video. Made me really appreciate the beauty around me. Sorry this is so late. Your sweet little brother stopped by and showed me how to do it. Love you & miss you tons.


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