Paris Update

Let me tell ya guys, above and beyond the expected.

God is working and moving in Paris and I am so entirely grateful (elated, humbled, amazed, ecstatic) to be a part of what’s happening.

For some general housekeeping information: I arrived safely with no hiccups to speak of. My body and spirit feel like they’ve been in Paris for years, my French on the other hand does not. I’ve been stuttering and repeating myself and looking like a fool in front of the vegetable man for a few days now. But that was to be expected when moving with three years of high school French under my belt. The French love when you try and are gracious when you fail, so comme ci comme ca.

But oh my word, there’s so much goodness for which to daily praise the Lord.

The YWAM Paris team is so wonderful and special and truly cares for each person on the base. They’re a prayerful group that really believes in each member’s potential and ability.

There’s so much room to love the Parisians, specifically the neighborhood we’re in. I went into the city to run a few errands, to a street that I used to love walking down. And when I got there the other day I just couldn’t wait to be back in Belleville. It felt too crowded and full of people whose Paris looks different than my own. Does that make sense? I’ll probably extrapolate on that some other time, because it means enough to me to articulate it thoroughly.

Anyway, when I finally got off the metro at Pyrénées I felt so honored to be a part of the crowd walking up that escalator. Men, women, old, young, of every color and belief- I couldn’t help but thank God that He brought me here to this city, to love these specific people.

The DTS is starting in just a few weeks and so schedules will change and responsibilities will grow, but on top of the busy-ness this next season will usher in there are so many awesome opportunities to be had. I’ll be starting French classes in a few weeks, maybe Arabic as well! We have a contact for visiting refugees in the city, which is just such a dream come true to interact with these misplaced people and show them Christ’s love.

But for now I’m going to make some dinner, listen to the Paris noise coming in through our open windows, and enjoy the rest of my Sabbath. Thank you thank you thank you all for your prayers. I feel so shrouded in protection and blessings and I cannot wait to share more of this time with you all.


Belleville Rooftops

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