Return of the Flip Phone: 5 Things I’ve Learned

After two years with an iPhone, I took the plunge back into “basic phone” world. After a month of wonderful battery life and retro ringtones, I have surfaced with these bits of knowledge.

1) Texting is a labor of love, therefore…

2) I completely understand why “texting language” was invented. I hereby apologize to all the people I previously judged for using it. Tots srry evry1.

3) It’s harder and less tempting to use my phone to distract myself or pass the time. Like, what am I gonna do, take a grainy picture? Change my font size? This has led me to realizing…

4) It is completely awkward to be the only one at a table of friends without a smart phone. I have become an expert thumb-twiddler.

5) Though it’s harder to be in contact with everyone sans snapchat and Facebook, it is very freeing to not have a ding every hour notifying and distracting me.

The initial [re]learning curve was great, but a month into this endeavor I am happy to say I regret nothing. Take that, judgmental Verizon worker who thought I’d never make it! (Just kidding, man. You were very nice and hey, I may hate this in a week or two, who knows anything…)

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