Beautiful Books: The Book Thief

I am writing this in an extremely fragile state. That “puffy-face-from-crying-tissues-all-around-what-is-life” state of mind. When you’ve totally immersed yourself in a book so when you read it’s final pages you wander around your room feeling like nothing is the right thing to do.
I just finished The Book Thief– a novel that when asked by strangers and co-workers ask what I’m reading the general response is, “Oh I remember that book,” when in actuality they mean, “Get with the times, Jessica. We all read that book in high school.”
Yes I am aware the ship for discussions about this book has sailed around the world and come back to port. Nonetheless, here I am lauding my praise for this beauty.
My friend Paula publicly declared this to be in her top three favorite books, so I figured it was about time to actually read it. Something I love about Paula is that she cannot help but be a poem. Everything she says and does just screams romanticism and beauty, so it was no wonder that this book embodied so much of my friend.

Now for some sporadic thoughts on The Book Thief.

  • The structure was something I had never read before and was frank and beguiling.
  • It was the type of book that made me want to create in any way possible. Nearly every character seemed to encourage the idea of creation for creation’s sake. Regardless of whether you like the end product completely, create because it’s important for the soul.
  • What a reminder of the sadness of war and the ability to find humanity in all facets of history and conflict.
  • It feels really wonderful to have read a book just about a girl. She wasn’t anything special, but she wasn’t particularly plain. She was well rounded and believable. She could have just as easily been a boy, but she wasn’t- and that’s pretty great.
  • If it wasn’t a library book, those pages would be dripping with notes and underlinings.
  • I want this book to be a part of my soul, because it was creative and unique and everything a novel should be.

So I am going to pick up the pieces of my fragile little soul, make some tea, and comfort myself off to sleep with some happy reading- maybe Romeo and Juliet? How about some Of Mice and Men or The Bell Jar? Ya know, really bring my spirits up before sleeping.

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