The First of Many (or five, if we are going by past history)

To whom it may concern (namely the two bots that will undoubtably be my most loyal readers),

Much like the younger Jessica you see here, I am faced with a dilemma. 13 years ago this dilemma was primarily that my jump was unproportionate to my height, which led me to a sticky (velcro-y?) situation on a bouncy castle. But today my primary dilemma arises out of something slightly different. I have found myself filled with thoughts that no one I graduated with, the bulk of whom make up my Facebook friends, wants to hear. So, what’s a girl to do when velcroed to a wall five feet above the ground and no one cares to know her opinion of Jurassic World? Guess.

This is my corner of the internet in which I will shout my opinions, reviews, essays, and thoughts into the void. It wont be anything consistent or specific, just a place for me to bring to fruition the half baked ideas cooking in my brain oven. So come along fun strangers with similar ideas! Stay away grammar nazis, you’re no fun! Welcome to all robots &/or house pets who have trained themselves to type while their masters are away!


2 responses to “The First of Many (or five, if we are going by past history)

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